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PinDrill Review & Exclusive Bonuses

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my in-depth PinDrill Review.

PinDrill Review

Here you'll discover the most detailed and hones review on the web. You'll find everything you need to know about this new Pinterest & social posting software. After you have gone through this review you'll be able to make your own buying decision based on real facts and not on the usual hype and emotions.

What Exactly Is PinDrill All About?

PinDrill is a web based Pinterest Marketing software, which lets you find, upload, edit, schedule as well as monetize your content you post to your Pinterest boards. Within the software you can either search for images from Pinterest or upload your own one. You even have the ability to create/edit images within the software. Plus you will also be able to post and schedule the content from your website or store (such as Shopify Store) to your Pinterest boards. So PinDrill actually synchronizes your website/store with Pinterest.

PinDrill provides the option to connect to the following social networks:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

So all the content you find or create and upload to the software can be posted/scheduled on an account on one or all of the above listed social media networks.

PinDrill Demo


What Are The Key Features?

Automate your Pinterest Account for life

You can fully automate the content posting to all your Pinterest boards from your account and in any niche.

Web Pinterest Poster/Scheduler

You can post and schedule are your content using the software. Since it's web based you won't need to run your computer all day to be able to automatically post content.

Synchronize your Website/Store to Pinterest

You can connect your website, blog, store etc with PinDrill and the software will then post the content based on your given settings.

Social Media Scheduler

You not only have the option to post/schedule content to Pinterest, but also to other social networks. You can choose another publishing date for each of the connected social accounts.

InfoGraphics Templates Editor

This editor lets you customize graphics and images directly within the software itself.

PinDrill Review

With all the included features, PinDrill will really make it easy to find and post content to your Pinterest and other social media accounts to keep them fresh with new content. So lets go through the software and its features and let us see how it works.

The Dashboard

PinDrill Dashboard

Within the dashboard you get an overview of the software as well as the connected accounts. You also can see how many posts you have published on each of the connected accounts and how many posts you have scheduled for later publishing.

Social Accounts

PinDrill Social Accounts

Within the Social Accounts tab you can connect your social media accounts for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram. All you have to do is clicking on the plus sign for the social media account you want to add and then give the needed permissions for the app. For Pinterest it will automatically add all the boards you created within the account you just added. You have the option to add as many accounts for each social network as you like.

Pinterest Finder

Within the Pinterest finder you can search for InfoGraphics, Quotes or Videos. All you have to do is entering your keyword and then hit search. The software will the search on Pinterest for realted images based on your search settings.

PinDrill Pinterest Finder

In the example above, I entered Fitness and selected InfoGraphics. The software returned then around 20 results. You only have the option to search for images or videos but you can't search for accounts and see what they have posted.

Then you can click on an image from the results. It will then be opened within the included editor.

The Image Editor

PinDrill Editor

They included quite a good editor within the software. To be honest, I was impressed when I saw it the first time.You can not only edit the images you find, you can also upload your own images to edit or create new ones from scratch.

You have the option to crop, rotate, resize, round and change the color of the image.

Within the text tab you can then add additional content if your like. This is especially useful if you use the tool to create your own images.

Then the editor also provides a drawing option, a filter option which lets you add different filters to the image, a shapes option which lets you add different shapes to images and a stickers option with which you can add different stickers. Plus you can also work with different layers.

When you finished editing/creating the image, then you can save it within your account or you can download it to your computer. These images can then be found within the Saved Images page.

The Posting

PinDrill Posting

Within the posting option you can post and schedule images/content to your connected social media accounts. all you have to do is either use an image from your saved images (within the software) or upload a new one. Then add the text you want and select the social media account you want to post the image to. After you have done that, you can either publish the content right now or add it to the scheduler.

PinDrill Scheduler

Within the scheduler you can choose the date as well as the time. The time is based on the timezone you setup within your account. It will then use the chosen date and time to post this content to all of the social media accounts you selected. If you want to post the content on a different date/time on the different accounts, then you have to create this post for each date/time and each account. you can't schedule the post on different dates/times for different accounts in one step.

Adding / Managing Websites

PinDrill Adding/Managing Websites

Within this option you have the ability to add your websites. When you add and connect one, then the software will display Categories (WordPress). You can then chose the ones you want to use and the tool will then display all the content in a list. You can then select the content you want to post to Pinterest and you have the option to select the board it should be posted to. You also have the option to customize the title and adding tags. When you have done that, then you can either publish the content directly or schedule it for later posting.

I'll update my review within the next days, after I have used it more and can give better feedback.

PinDrill Case Study

I created a brand new site and social media accounts which Im going to use with the software. I'll update the results here and also share everything I have done and also the results it produced during the testing.

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PinDrill Bonuses

I'm preparing some nice bonuses, which you get should you decide to get PinDrill through me. I'll have them ready before launch.

Read more here: PinDrill Review & Exclusive Bonuses

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