Thursday, 19 November 2015

Viral AutoBots Review - Does It Really Work?

The first and only software to allow social media networkers the opportunity to monetize, find, upload and schedule videos and other viral content on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for use on your Facebook pages --the results will catapult your organic reach into the millions.

This software is the latest innovation  to come from Luke Maguire and is set to be released the 9th of December. Luke Maguire is also the producer of Social Autobots, which has seen a successful jaunt through the social media world --this software is kept regularly updated by Luke and his team.  

Because  I have owned the social Autobots software, plus I was able to witness the exemplary job that Luke did to not only to develop the software --consistently updating and revising for maximum effectivity --but to provide as much assistance to his clients by offering free training. So I'm pretty sure this one is going to be big.

Anyone who manages a Facebook Fanpage know what an ordeal it can be organically reach people connected to the page. Facebook makes this type of organic growth very difficult --to encourage users to purchase facebook ads.

But None of that is necessary with the correct application of Autobots.

You must have seen the plethora of viral images and videos that flow through the Facebook news feed everyday? All these trending articles that have over a few thousand likes and shares that generate huge amounts of online traffic which increases their score to analytics.

This is the idea of what Autobots can do for you and your Facebook Fan Pages. Using autobots you will be able to forget grueling process of searching for videos, content and images for hours or the costly method of purchasing Facebook ads.

Another worry gone forever is the limited organic reach of Facebook . Content will be found for you from any Niche and you just have to sit back and watch the magic happen.

What Exactly Does“Viral Autobots” Do For Marketers 

Viral Autobots is a web based software, this means that no matter the operating system you are using --Mac or PC-- you will have no problem accessing and taking full advantage of the program with no problems.

The software allows you to automate many of the tasks that a Facebook fan page will demand --most of which would have to be done manually --anyone familiar with the task knows how time consuming it can be.

Especially those who will have to manage several pages at once --even the Fanpages of many different clients. Using Viral Autobots to automate many of your tasks will be a huge boost to your work efforts.

Key Features of Viral Autobots

Automate Pages For Life

Have your pages work for you scanning the internet and posting  the most viral content from the corners of the globe on any Niche, COMPLETELY AUTOMATICALLY. Additionally, this is an automated process that will just keep on working for you once you have set the instructions.

This is a “Set and Forget”  type of function --Simply search the niche , select the most viral videos and images and then schedule them to be posted.  Then go about your day as Autobots do the heavy lifting for you.

Drive Huge Organic Traffic & Make Big Sales For Free

You can drive a considerable amount of organic traffic to your pages and options which can convert into huge amounts of money. Plus it will save you from having to lay down hard cash for Facebook Ads.

The Only Tool that Allows you to Post from an Affiliate Link

When it comes to online marketing on Facebook or anywhere else it comes down to monetization, because Facebook does not allow affiliate links this poses a small problem. The Viral Autobot system allows affiliate links however which makes monetizing easier.

Never spend Valuable Resources on Ads Again

Why even spend the money, if you can glean the same results in this manner. Using Viral Autobots you will increase the organic reach of your publicity campaigns and this in itself will offer you the same organic results that ads will, at a much reduced price.

Monetize Videos with the Click of a Button

Even though the advantage of Organic Reach is already a tremendous benefit in itself, the ability to monetize your viral videos and others viral videos is the thing that makes this form of networking the most effective.

Viral Autobots is the complete Facebook marketing tool for those who already have a Facebook presence in motion or even for those who are completely new to online marketing and looking for a head start to their own Facebook Endeavors.

If you would like to see how it works go and visit There you will find an in-dept and uncut review as well as a case study on how it works and how effective it really is.

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